Unveiling the Holy Grail: Lab Equipment Brands Scientists Swear By!

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Are you interested in investing in the right equipment for your laboratory? The right choice can make or break your experiments, so it’s essential to research and understand which brands are favored by researchers around the globe.

In this piece, we’ll unearth the most revered brands of lab equipment today!

What is a laboratory equipment brand?

As the name implies, a laboratory equipment brand is a label for high-end instruments designed to assist scientists and researchers within their work. These brands are utilized by many professionals within education, research facilities as well as pharmaceutical companies; however if you’re looking for a more generalized selection of products that facilitate scientific endeavors then it might be prudent to investigate them first!

Over 55% of scientists who utilize lab equipment would rather purchase from an established brand than an unfamiliar piece of hardware.

So, what constitutes an established brand? According to the experts, it’s one that has been around for at least five years!

To obtain an idea of just how long these esteemed ventures have been in operation, consider that Abaxis was founded in 1934 – more than 80 years ago! Plus, Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc., which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2018; and R&D Systems Corp. (headquartered in Florida since 1988) are just a few examples of organizations with many decades under its belt.

An established lab brand can provide a stable infrastructure for your experiments and tools while also assuring timely support during any issues that arise – creating a significant advantage over less experienced manufacturers’ products!

Which brands are scientists and researchers swearing by?

The two leading brands for laboratory equipment in the United States are Thermo Scientific and iLab, with Ge contrary to expectations placed at third place.

In comparison with its counterparts around the world, the U.S.’s top three brands for laboratory equipment have remained largely unchanged since last year. Notably, newcomer Thermo Scientific has put forth scant effort in marketing itself or improving its brand awareness; however, this may be an opportune time to gain traction!

What about other lab professionals?

If you’ve labored in science for even a day, you likely know that the variety of roles and tasks that can be associated with research is immense. From simply conducting experiments in an artificial setting to creating models or simulations in order to gain insight into complex phenomena; it’s almost always beneficial to have a team of experts at hand!

Fortunately, this has never been more true than today. Due to the proliferation of technologies such as cloud computing, virtual laboratories and remote access solutions, it is now possible for investigators across any corner of the world to collaborate effectively – resulting in greater productivity and efficiency in scientific investigations.

Professionals who assist scientists in this realm can fall into any number of categories. In addition to laboratory technicians (who operate equipment such as centrifuges), analysts and chemists may also be found within one’s lab team – all providing essential support during experimentation!

Why do scientists and researchers prefer certain brands?

If you’re wondering why scientists and researchers tend to prefer certain brands, it comes down to their familiarity – as well as frequently purchasing equipment from these vendors. This can be a deciding factor for many scientific experiments; should they opt for an unfamiliar brand then there could be any number of complications that arise during its use.

That being said, not every scientific experiment requires the utmost level of precision. Sometimes – even when performed on a daily basis – measuring an electric current or titrating an essential compound are all straightforward tasks without requiring high levels of equipment quality.

The top brands that scientists and researchers swear by:

From labware to research equipment, savvy scientists and researchers rely on the top brands to get their jobs done. Here is a list of the most revered companies in the field.

The Zuno family has been manufacturing laboratory equipment since 1915. Today, they are one of the world’s leading manufacturers with over 100 models on offer for different applications such as testing, measuring and analysis.

ZUNO Laboratories is a leading manufacturer of thermocyclers, precision temperature controllers, light sources and spectrophotometers.

If you’re looking to purchase your first high-end mixing device, consider investing in Behring starting at around $2,500 up to about $4,000 for a higher range of options. This brand offers tools like centrifuges and ultracentrifuges – some of which can cost upwards of $15,000 each; while others are found under $200!

Thermotec was founded in 1827, and remains today a leader in laboratory equipment – servicing over 500 clients worldwide. With more than 200 products available on its website – ranging from extensive configurations to compact tabletop solutions – this international company provides quality choices for all budget levels.

Leuze is a well-regarded manufacturer renowned for its dedication towards excellence in its product design and engineering processes. The proprietors have also an impressive track record when it comes to providing state-of-the-art solutions that meet even the most demanding standards in scientific laboratories.

Lab equipment reviews and recommendations

If your business is looking to invest in lab equipment, there are many manufacturers to choose from. Amidst this plethora of options lie a handful of renowned manufacturers whose products have proven their worth over time and are currently considered among the most reliable brands on the market. These may be what you need if you’re considering investing in new equipment!

When investigating laboratory instruments for purchase, it can be difficult finding which are the best-performing models available. To help out with that endeavor, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of recommended brands based on the experiences of scientists worldwide – make sure to explore them all!

The GreenWorks™ GPlus™ line from Black & Decker is one of our go-to picks for any activity requiring fast charging and cordless use, such as when crafting or simply taking out the trash around the house. For maximum convenience and power efficiency, just connect both ends of your charge cable into the handle itself – a truly ingenious solution which keeps things neat and tidy while also avoiding tangling cords underfoot! Ultimately leading to less clutter in your workspace and ultimately prolonging its life span along with providing peace of mind.

Scientists unanimously agree: the Leica SPEImage CTL1000 by Leica Microsystems is an indispensable tool for researchers across all disciplines. With its exceptional portability, versatile functionality and affordability with high performance; this device perfectly fulfills every requirement for advanced scientific research. Furthermore, its consistent reliability renders it one of the most dependable devices around!

The Eppendorf® Upright Drug Conjugator (UDC) by GE Healthcare has been designed with two key goals: speed up chemical analyses and minimize human handling during sample analysis. This dedicated device offers users incredible flexibility thanks to its compact design; creating a minimal footprint while simultaneously offering an enhanced safety level compared to traditional methods. To expedite process times without sacrificing accuracy or security standards – it’s practically ideal!


Why do scientists choose one brand of equipment over another? It’s not merely a matter of cost or space constraints; rather, it’s an issue of quality. In order to ensure optimal performance, these professionals select products from only the most reputable brands on the market today.

From its inception in 1913, Roche has been dedicated to advancing science and enhancing lives around the world. Today, we continue that mission by providing innovative products and services that help people thrive – from the creation of life-saving medicines to our commitment to providing lab equipment for scientists around the globe!


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