Unlock the Secrets: The Most Trusted Scientific Journals Every Researcher Swears By!

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At times, you may come across a scientific journal that you’ve never read before and find its content intriguing. After all, they are regarded as some of the most prestigious in existence – who knows what insights they might provide?

Indeed, scientists around the globe regularly turn to these journals for their research.

Science is an integral component of our daily lives, yet we rely on it every day to learn about everything from health concerns such as cancer or vaccinations; along with technological advances such as smartphones. Science has brought us many exciting discoveries over the years – from the mapping of space to the creation of artificial intelligence! It is through scientific achievements like these that we continue to make advancements in our society today towards becoming more science-literate citizens.

Despite being an essential part of your scientific project, finding the most authoritative journals can be challenging. Navigating through seemingly endless lists can be overwhelming and time-consuming; moreover, there’s no telling which ones will truly be beneficial for your research needs! To help you navigate this process easily, let me guide you through my top picks for journals – read on for the ultimate guide to discovering what’s worth investing time and resources into!

Plagiarism Checker: ProQuest’s SciELO Open Access Directory

ProQuest’s SciELO Open Access Directory facilitates the search for scientific articles. It provides exhaustive coverage of academic journals, dissertations and proceedings from all Latin American countries.

With more than 18,000 articles in its database, it is among the most comprehensive resources available for locating relevant research findings.

ProQuest’s SciELO Open Access Directory permits users to easily locate the relevant content they seek in a matter of seconds. You can do so by utilizing our handy categories or simply search by keywords.

Open Access: Why Is It Important?

Open Access is the opposite of subscription-based journals. In this scenario, authors and funders have unfettered access to the research and papers published in your field without any payment – all for free!

When a journal’s content is accessible without charge, it means that researchers around the world can assess its validity and usefulness without incurring financial barriers. This also brings with it an opportunity for them to take advantage of their work and republish it elsewhere – which is extremely beneficial not only to everyone involved but also anyone who wish to access it later on! Thus, when you choose an Open Access journal for any upcoming project, you’re helping not only yourself but also many others by providing greater accessibility and convenience for everyone involved.

Horizons journal aims to bridge the “Asian gap” in science and technology research

Since inception in 2013, the Horizons journal has developed a reputation as a premier outlet for the dissemination of research from China and Asia.

With its inaugural issue released in March 2014, this journal aims to provide a platform for Chinese researchers seeking to disseminate their work beyond their homeland. It provides them with an opportunity to share their findings with an international audience while simultaneously improving access to these documents via open access options.

This publication is absolutely indispensable for any researcher who is interested in exploring connections between Asian countries’ research communities and their impact on technology and science development.

The top 5 journals for authors seeking validation of their work:

In order to validate his work, an author may turn to one of the top 5 journals trusted by researchers. These journals are known for soliciting high standards of research, providing an expedient path for the submission and review process.

1. Nature

2. Science

3. PNAS – Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

4. Cell – Cell Press journal

5. JAMA – Journal of the American Medical Association

1. Cell

Cell, established in 1992, is an indispensable resource for researchers looking to assess the state of knowledge in their field. The journal has nurtured a thriving community of scientists by providing them with a multitude of resources through which they may cultivate and foster research initiatives; moreover, it provides access to its content via the internet as well as mobile applications – offering readers’ convenience along with that!

The rise of Cell was catalyzed by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory – a leading research center in the United States. In its path from inception to today, this publication has undergone numerous transformations: from a print-only journal to now boasting both electronic and hardcopy formats for convenient access.

One of the most prominent attributes of Cell is its user-friendly interface. As such, it is possible for researchers to readily navigate their way around with ease! It boasts an intuitive search function wherein you can locate any article quickly and easily; moreover, those who desire complete control over the process can utilize several tools that offer flexibility when compared to rigid structures typically associated with scientific publications.

2. Nature

Nature is a veritable powerhouse of scientific research, boasting an enviable reputation and illustrious history of publishing work that adheres to the highest standards.

This peer-reviewed journal was established in 1869 and currently boasts a readership of over 8 million. The esteemed authority has been lauded for its rigor and reliability by scientists around the world – it is no wonder why this publication remains such a critical part of their workflow!

Nature’s rigorous editorial process means that papers published in this journal are subject to prior examination by experts before being accepted for publication. This not only ensures that articles adhere to high standards but also provides reassurance regarding the most reliable sources when conducting your research.

Additionally, Nature offers subscriptions with different levels of access: gold, silver and bronze – which cater to researchers based on the amount they require while maintaining overall integrity and quality.


PNAS is among those journals that offer exceptional insights into the latest advances in science, technology and medicine. It’s packed with groundbreaking articles on everything from human health to medical research to scientific breakthroughs’ amazing potential applications!

Paying your dues isn’t a necessity if you’re an eager researcher seeking an entry point into this prestigious journal. All it takes is five citations in other peer-reviewed journal articles as proof that their content is of quality. If this proves successful, then securing an invitation will be relatively simple: just send along a proposal explaining why your work deserves inclusion in this esteemed collection –

4. Science

Science is a peer-reviewed journal that was established in 1848. It is considered one of the most prestigious journals within academic circles, boasting an impressive array of accolades over time; it has been honored with the World Association of Medical Editors’ (WAME) Gold Medal Award on multiple occasions!

Science is renowned for its ability to connect past and present research, providing researchers with access to ever-expanding knowledge and lessons learned from previous experiments. This enables researchers to design more effective studies in future investigations. Moreover, it offers them useful insights into potential pitfalls when conducting an experiment.

5. Nature Communications

Nature Communications is a high-impact journal, boasting an excellent reputation among scholars and researchers alike. It has quickly risen to prominence as one of the top journals for communication science, offering a multitude of noteworthy functions:

Accessible and inexpensive, this is an ideal option for scientists who are just starting out in their careers – yet still require access to cutting edge research. At an introductory rate of both $2139 per year and $1937 per year respectively, its cost-effective nature makes it accessible even to those on budget!

The journal’s most recent impact factor recorded an impressive 3.472; reflecting its sound position within academia as well as indicating its rising scholarly importance in recent years. Consequently, it can be considered one of the most trusted scientific journals available today!

Unlock your potential with Nature Communications’ leading-edge peer review process, which guarantees that every article submitted receives careful scrutiny before publication.

6. The British Journal of Pharmacology

The British Journal of Pharmacology (BJPh) is an indispensable resource for professionals devoted to the field of pharmacology. With one central location and a comprehensive indexing system, it offers an ideal platform for locating information on everything from drug discovery and manufacturing processes to pharmacological analysis, as well as clinical trials and more!

The comprehensiveness of the content within this journal means that it represents a veritable powerhouse when compared with other scientific resources. Featuring articles published by top researchers in their respective fields, you could potentially find all your answers under one roof; without needing to trawl through multiple databases or sites such as PubMed Central!

With over 100 years’ worth of material under its belt, the BJPh is an invaluable tool for scientists everywhere. I can attest first-hand that it’s both reliable and trustworthy; providing up-to-date information across numerous topics with ease.

6. The British Journal of Pharmacology (BMJ)

The British Journal of Pharmacology (BMJ) is an essential resource for those seeking reliable and reliable information about medicinal products, scientific research and evidence-based practice.

The esteemed journal provides researchers with up-to-date appraisals on the latest developments in pharmacological science, which includes its application to medical conditions – from cancer to diabetes and more. Alongside this, it also offers informative articles related to the potential uses of specific substances, as well as providing updates on drug regulations; all highlighted within this publication.

To be a member of The British Journal of Pharmacology requires an application process, but if received you’ll gain access to this invaluable resource that has been trusted by professionals since 1875! Discover what makes this one of the most reliable journals you can trust in 2019!

Honorable mentions:

These academic journals are not to be discounted as they have established reputations within the scientific community. They are often favored over newer publications, and offer a wealth of information regarding current research trends.

Choosing which journal to submit your article can be daunting, but no worries! With our guide on choosing the best ones for your needs at hand, you’ll be able to find a publication that best matches with your subject matter.

Fast Forward Publishing Open Access Journal

Fast Forward Publishing is a pioneer in the field of open access publishing. It was established in 2015 and has become an unequivocal leader within this domain, offering peer-reviewed scholarly literature free to read online.

Fast Forward Publishing caters exclusively to researchers and scientists from around the world, providing them with a medium for disseminating their research findings.


Your quest for the most dependable journals has come to an end! So, which do we go with – that old standby of “the one that has been around for decades” or those more recent offerings with which we are more familiar?

As a researcher myself, I have had the pleasure of working with several different journals over the course of my career. Some offered me an opportunity to publish my work; others gave me access so as to facilitate collaboration – and yet others afforded me an opportunity to acquire new skills or better understandings in the field.

What was your most cherished journal?


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