Hidden Scientific Journals That Will Revolutionize Your Research Game!

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As a researcher and science enthusiast, it is imperative to be familiar with the scientific journals. For those interested in advancing their field or simply seeking knowledge on a particular topic, these publications are indispensable!

Scientists and researchers rely on scientific journals to share their discoveries and research. These peer-reviewed publications provide the most accurate information available about experiments and discoveries made; thus ensuring that no matter where you are located in the world, access to this information is never an issue!

Are you searching for a scientific journal that will revolutionize your research? Don’t fret – we’re here to help! With three decades of experience, we’ve curated an impressive list of over 7500+ journals relevant to biology, chemistry, physics along with mathematics subjects that’ll assist you with your endeavors.

An Introduction to the World of Scientific Journals

Scientific journals present an essential resource for scientists, physicians and other researchers. These publications house peer-reviewed research articles penned by leading scholars and professionals within the scientific industry.

Scientific journals offer a wealth of benefits to researchers and scientists. They provide opportunities for them to share their knowledge and insights with peers, disseminate preliminary results and display their talent in front of potential employers.

At its core, Scientific Journaling is an indispensable tool for those seeking reliable reference material; on top of this, it also offers innumerable services to anyone who may require assistance when searching through their data.

14 Hidden Scientific Journals With a cutting-edge impact factor

Scientific journals are the most prestigious type of academic journal, and they are meticulously scrutinized before being published. As illustrated above, these journals demonstrate a high degree of rigor that is intermixed with a dynamic impact factor rating system.

To assess its prestige, one must look no further than its impact factor – an indication of how frequently papers published in this journal are cited. A typical entry-level scientific journal will typically have an average of five to six citations per paper; however, leading journals such as Nature have impact factors approaching one thousand!

Founded in 1972, Journal of Biological Chemistry has undergone several name changes over its long history. These include: Molecular Biology (1972), Chemical Biology (2005) and Current Biology (2019).

1. Frontiers in Marine Science and Technology

Frontiers in Marine Science and Technology, the premier peer-reviewed marine science journal, is just one of several journals published by Frontiers Media. In addition to a wealth of resources available online, such as free access or printing cost-free submissions – there are also expedited options available for those seeking speedy processing times!

With Frontiers’ speedy review process, your submission may be out of the ordinary but still be checked and approved within two weeks! This offers researchers unprecedented speed in terms of publication timelines; whether they require fast turnaround time or simply wish to expedite their work process – Frontiers can accommodate both requirements with ease!

2. Scientific Reports

Scientific Reports is an open access repository of scientific papers that was established in the year 2012 by Elsevier in collaboration with other scientific publishers. It is designed to provide free access to data and studies from around the world, providing a convenient location for researchers everywhere to locate relevant research data they require.

You can easily find articles related to your chosen subject using our search bar at the top right corner of the page; alternatively, filter by country, language or keyword when finding content most relevant to you. Alternatively, if you’re simply seeking out more information on a certain topic but don’t necessarily need articles pertaining to said phenomenon–you could scan through them all in one go! All without even having to leave your cozy home office chair!

3. IEEE Access

IEEE Access is a premium database providing an unparalleled resource of scientific articles, research partially funded by the National Institutes of Health, and even grants. It’s everything you could possibly need in one place – all in an easy-to-use interface!

This database provides access to a plethora of resources, including free full text articles from over 2,000 journals and books as well; peer-reviewed studies; NIH-funded research findings and grant information. Not only does this database provide researchers with concise summaries but it also offers useful commentaries alongside each entry.

4. Frontiers in Psychology: Psychology and the Mind

If you’re searching for an academic journal that is perfect for psychology, look no further than Frontiers in Psychology: Psychology and the Mind. This publication provides cutting-edge research on topics as varied as understanding cognition and perception, working memory, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) – even schizophrenia!

Don’t let its small stature fool you – this journal presents an array of valuable research across a multitude of domains related to psychology. You’ll find everything from analyses regarding pharmacology to investigation about personality traits such as altruism and Machiavellianism… it’s truly a veritable smorgasbord!

When conducting your research, be sure to take advantage of the Frontiers’ unique databases which provide access to over 1,300 peer-reviewed articles that are freely available for citation.

5. International Journal of Mental Health Applied to Everyday Life

If you’re looking to unearth new methods, approaches, and techniques for research-backed insights into mental health issues and potential treatments, then International Journal of Mental Health Applied to Everyday Life may be just what you’re seeking.

Researches from around the globe are sharing their experiences with subjects such as human evolution, neurodiversity and other interesting topics.

Are you curious about how scholarly societies from across the world approach mental health-related topics? Find out more at our informative guide!

6. Neuroscience Letters

Neuroscience Letters is an impeccably designed journal that adheres to stringent standards of peer review. Focusing on the fields of neuroscience, psychology and psychiatry, it provides exclusive access to some of the most cutting-edge research being published worldwide.

Neuroscience Letters’ multidisciplinary approach makes it an ideal resource for anyone seeking a thorough understanding of the latest findings in this field – be it clinicians or researchers alike!

7. Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience

Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience is a peer-reviewed journal published by the Gerontological Society of America which focuses on studies relevant to neuroscience across all age groups.

I’ve come across some interesting research articles and even a few breakthroughs within the past six months. For instance, a 2017 study revealed that adults with mild cognitive impairment or early Alzheimer’s disease exhibited activity in the amygdala – an area within the brain associated with emotional responses – during a face recognition task! This new finding clearly indicates that amygdala activity can be linked to memory processing among individuals of varying ages; so stay tuned for more updates!

With Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience you can discover what’s happening in the field of aging at any given point in time, so it’s essential for researchers and scientists who are crafting their enterprise plans around ageing research.

8. Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics: Social

If you are a scientist or researcher, chances are you have encountered the word gerontology in your research. Despite its apparent familiarity, few may be aware of just how vast this field of study can be!

The Journal of Gerontology publishes research in all areas of age-related issues, from health to quality of life. Furthermore, the Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics are a treasure trove for anyone who requires access to insightful research studies on aging – both recent papers as well as more ancient material preserved within these virtual libraries!

Peruse the archives at your leisure, searching for those articles relevant to your dissertation. Alternatively, explore the latest issue of any given journal you select to gain an insight into its contents and composition.

Medical and Health Aspects of Ageing

No matter what the subject matter is, we all have an innate curiosity and desire to gain more knowledge about it. When it comes to research, one of the most common topics that people delve into is ageing – both its medical and psychological aspects!

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve probably had more than a handful of thoughts on how to deal with aging during your lifetime. From dental care to healthy eating habits; from sleeping arrangements for a restful slumber to ensuring adequate exercise for maintaining optimal physical function – the list can go on indefinitely!

For those who are interested in undertaking research into health or medicine journals, such as Medicine or Journal of Gerontology – Medical Sciences can yield some interesting results. As an example, they may contain information relating to assessing frailty and deciphering changes associated with ageing in various fields!

Items such as this are ideal for researchers and scientists seeking insight into the human condition, providing them with an understanding of which factors may affect their health and well-being in the future.

9. The British Journal of Psychiatry Open

The British Journal of Psychiatry Open, also known as BJO, is an online-only scientific journal devoted solely to psychiatry. This peer-reviewed resource provides free access to its content in order that anyone may explore the latest research in this field.

When it comes to open access journals, BJO stands out. It offers a platform where researchers and scientists can freely publish their work without excessive costs or red tape associated with traditional publishing channels. The journal’s mission is “to disseminate international high quality psychiatric research and provide opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration.”

While there are limitations on the number of pre-registration articles accepted (10 free slots available per issue), researchers throughout the world have found success utilizing this resource for their manuscripts.

10. Journal of Obesity (American obesity Association)

Journal of Obesity is a scientific journal dedicated to obesity research and related topics. This publication offers an array of meticulously curated content for scientists, physicians and other health care professions who seek reliable information on their field of expertise.

One of the most effective methods for shedding unwanted pounds can be found within your personal arsenal – simply by making lifestyle modifications that you can sustain over time.

Obesity has become one of the most prevalent chronic conditions in the world today, afflicting approximately 1.9 billion adults worldwide as well as an estimated 300 million children.


Every academic year, thousands of articles are archived and sealed away. Don’t let the “locked door” on these journals deter you! With access granted to you, they can be an invaluable resource when pursuing knowledge and understanding.

Unlock and explore these journals to discover (and create!) new pathways in your research endeavors. Utilize their contents to help you forge ahead and reach greater heights.


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